How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes?


If you are looking for Free Xbox Live Gold Codes, this article is prepared for you. The internet these days is full of sites that claim “Free Xbox Live Points Generators” and Xbox Gold Live codes

But how to find the legit sites?

I have found a list of the trusted and personally tried websites like “Spin & Win”, and “Rewards websites” the latter designed to present a point system through which you can collect points, then redeem for a Reward like Microsoft Live Points or Codes, and Amazon gift card and easily receive them directly in your email.

Amazon gift card is a good choice because You can use your Gift Card toward eligible items on, like physical products, digital content including Xbox gift card.

You can collect points by doing fun things like completing offers (e.g. Signing up for Sweepstakes), watching videos and playing games.

We Have Recently Examined Many Websites And Found The Top 3 Websites Offering Xbox Live Gold Codes:




Get Free Xbox Live Points Codes (and other game points) without installing applications and software?


In this guide I will explain how you can get your Free Xbox Live Points without applications that are most of the time harmful to your Personal Computer! You can get Free Xbox Live Points with little effort.

I really hope this piece of content will be helpful to you, if you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments section of this website.

At the moment there is one website that offer Free Xbox Live (Microsoft) Points and  and for which I am sure It isn’t a scam… It is Points2Reward website, read on to get more data. As I will find other helpful strategies to get Free Xbox Live Points I will be posting them. 

Points2Reward website is probably one of the best sites and it really is the most reliable one to get free rewards out there through collecting points which you can redeem for various prizes including FREE MICROSOFT POINTS CODES and gift cards. Personally, I prefer gift cards so I can use them to buy Xbox Live Subscription codes or other stuff online. – you have the option to redeem points for cash (which you can withdraw)

Registration is so simple!

  1. First you will pick a reward e.g. Xbox Live Gift Card.
  2. Start collecting Points.
  3. Redeem Your Xbox Live Code.

How to get points to redeem for Xbox Live Points?

Collect points by doing fun stuff

  • There are many ways you can collect “Points”, which are the points you collect on Points2Reward that you can redeem for money or gift cards.
  • Collect points by doing fun stuff: You can get points/cash by many different ways like completing offers, tasks, watching videos and playing games.

How to complete offers? 

Completing an offer usually takes less than one minute

Examples of offers available:

  • Signing up for Sweepstakes.
  • Signing up for a free trial.
  • Signing up to get free samples.

Check your email after completing the offer to respond to any email confirmations to get points.

Register Here

  • Redeem your Free Xbox Live Codes: Now you collect points, these points can be redeemed for merchandise or gift cards. its time to spend points and get your rewards. Points2Reward website will redirect to “Redeem Points” page where you need to enter you name and email.
  • Check your email inbox for the verification email. Click the verify button in this email. You’re all set for now. You’ll get another email from Points2Reward letting you know your reward is ready.

How to redeem your Free Xbox Live Microsoft Points on Points2Reward?

When you have collected enough points e.g. Xbox Live Gold 3 months subscription valued (25 points), the website will automatically redirect you to the “Redeem Points” page.

Register here.

Some warnings on what to avoid when searching for Free Xbox Live Points & Codes

When searching for Xbl MS Points Codes:

Don’t trust websites that ask for too much personal data when you register Name, address and phone number are OK information, but you should at all cost avoid websites that ask for your credit card information (upon sign-up), never give your social security number, ID number etc.

Free points mean that they do not cost you anything but you will have to spare some time to get them any website that offers free prize for doing nothing is mostly a scam. Most of the freebies websites will require you to do offers, tasks, play games and such to get the free prize – it is still better than paying for it in my opinion.