How to Get Free Xbox Live Microsoft Points?

How to get Free Xbox Live Points Codes (and other game points) without installing applications and software?

Free Xbox Live PointsIn this guide I will explain how you can get your Free Xbox Live Points without applications that are most of the time harmful to your Personal Computer! You can get Free Xbox Live Points with little effort. I really hope this piece of content will be helpful to you, if you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments section of this website.

At the moment there is one website that offer Free Xbox Live (Microsoft) Points and for which I am sure It isn’t a scam… It is Points2shop, read on to get more data. As I will find other helpful strategies to get Free Xbox Live Points I will be posting them.

Points2shop is probably one of the best sites and it really is the most reliable one to get free rewards out there – you have the option to either earn cash (which you can withdraw) or earn points which you can redeem for various prizes including FREE MICROSOFT POINTS CODES!

Registration is so simple:

  1. first you will pick a username, password and your email address.
  2. Verify your email address to receive 250 points bonus on registration
  3. As you proceed you will need to provide your Real name, address (all secure data) to receive points or cash , you can’t edit this later – it can trigger suspicion and your account might be blocked – in case you made any mistake entering false information or if your data changed, contact the site admin before making any change. This might strike you as a nuisance but it is the right way to prevent scam and to get rid of cheaters on the site to make sure that the website will be around for a long time.

Make Sure To Complete E-Mail Confirmation To Receive 250 Points On Registration

Sign Up Here

How to get cash and points to redeem for Xbox Live Points?

You can get points/cash by many different ways like completing offers, tasks, watching videos and playing games. You can find them by clicking Earn points/cash tab on the top left corner. It is totally up to you to choose to collect cash or points for things you do by clicking cash/points in the top right corner.

Earn points/cash by doing fun stuff

You can choose offers from various offer providers and with different payouts, browse through them and find out which one you like (there are many free offers available), tasks are a very fun way to get points/cash, many are there and they offer a very good pay-rate , surveys which are available for international users and if you come from US, UK, CA, AU and India you could be earning big points!, watching videos , playing games and many more!

How to redeem your Free Xbox Live Microsoft Points on Points2shop?

When you have collected enough points click on either the Get paid tab or click your points/cash balance – it will all take you to the Prize Gallery. In order to redeem your Xbox Live Points click on the gift cards icon and there you will find e.g. Xbox Live Points valued 20$ (1500 points), 30$ (2500 points) and 60$ (5000 points) worth of Xbox Live Points.

Before you withdraw your Xbox Live Points you will need to verify your account – you can do so by either requesting a verification letter (at no cost to you) or by ordering a prize that will be delivered to your doorstep (you can order whatever you like – prizes start as low as few points to thousands of points.

Register here.

Some warnings on what to avoid when searching for Free Xbox Live Points & Codes

When searching for Xbl MS Points Codes:

Don’t trust websites that ask for too much personal data when you register Name, address and phone number are OK information, but you should at all cost avoid websites that ask for your credit card information (upon sign-up), never give your social security number, ID number etc.

Free points mean that they do not cost you anything but you will have to spare some time to get them any website that offers free prize for doing nothing is mostly a scam. Most of the freebies websites will require you to do offers, tasks, play games and such to get the free prize – it is still better than paying for it in my opinion.